Mendocino Farm

Mendocino farm offers a family friendly and laid back dining experience. It offers amazing, tasty sandwiches, fresh sides and soup! However, this is not your average sandwich shop or cafe. Mendocino farm uses best farmers and food artisans in the region to provide the tastiest food around while supporting local food economy!!!

A cup of hot soup on a windy night to stay warm in Los Angeles ??? Sounds good to me.

Vegetarian and gluten free curried cauliflower soup from Mendocino Farm it is! I know… curried cauliflower may not sound all that amazing but hey, YOLO! Step out of your comfort zone and try something new. This soup is full of amazing flavor and texture. I am not a curry fan but I am okay with Thai curry. Lucky me, this was a coconut curry! I guess it was just meant to be 😉

Check out the recipe of this amazing and tasty soup here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.21.23 PM

I am obsessed with this curried orzo with roasted cauliflower. Perfect for a hot summer day !

This was my first time eating orzo, they are kind of like couscous but bigger. If you ever make this dish, you can substitute orzo with couscous.

This dish is full of amazing flavor and I was okay with the amount of curry in the dish. Love the roasted Cauliflower in the dish.

For Recipe, click here.

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 7.30.06 PM

For all the meat lovers, must try this kurobuta pork belly banh mi.

Braised, caramelized Kurobuta pork belly, housemade pickled daikon & carrots, cilantro, cucumbers, jalapenos, chili aioli on panini grilled ciabatta! Very juicy and got a good kick to it. The pickled daikon and pork belly is the perfect balance and combination. You dont feel greased out from the pork belly from the refreshing and crisp pickled daikon.

Wanna go to a place that sells happiness, go to Mendocino farm 😉