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One of the amazing street food in Jordan and the Middle East is shawarma! If you never had shawarma or heard of it before, its meat (chicken, turkey, beef, veal or mix) thats placed on a vertical spit that spins. Usually it’s either chicken or beef. Sometimes there will be tomato, pineapple or other fruit on top of the pit. As it get heated, the juice from the tomato or pineapple will then leak towards the bottom and marinate the meat. All the extra juice from the meat will then leaked to all the way to the bottom to the collector. When you order a sandwich, the chief will shave the block of marinated meat on to the bread and serve it with tabbouleh, fattoush, tomato and cucumber. Sometimes it has tahini, hummus, pickled turnips, and amba. If you ever had a Greek Gyro, sharwarma is the Middle Eastern version of the Gyro.