AB+J: almond butter and wild Maine blue and lime jam

Break up with boring PB + J and get on with AB+J! Especially with this JAM!!!IMG_6490


Whole Wheat Bread

Justin’s classic almond butter

Bleubert’s Blimey

Simple, easy, perfect for on the go lunch!

Bleubert‘s Blimey is a combination of wild Maine blueberry and lime! Not your typical boring jam. The lime gives this jam a burst of amazing flavor and taste. Great with cheesecake, goat cheese, ice cream, green yogurt…

Bleubert’s jam use variety of berries and apples from Maine (mostly sourced organic). Bleuberet uses GMO free pectin that is derived from apple skin and pith of citrus fruit. Pectin is found in all  jams, as it gives jam its consistency of jam. To preserve the jam, Bleubert’s products typically contains natural source of citric acid in its product. However, if additional citric acid is needed, a natural citrus juice and zest is added into the product.  The sugar that Bleubert uses are pure cane sugar.

What I love about Bleubert’s jam is its unique flavors. You can get spice, madras curry, lavender, fennel, maple… you can check out all their flavors here!