Baked shiitake mushrooms (vegan)

IMG_2312Baked mushroom! simple and easy to prepare. Great for a busy work night while wanting something healthy for dinner.

There are more than 300 edible species of mushroom and only 10 are currently grown commercially. Mushroom add distinct flavor and range of nutritional and health benefits to your favorite dish!

Mushroom is loaded with fiber, prevent cancer, boost immune system, loaded with vitamins and minerals. It was great for weight management, diabetes, heart health, improve nutrition, increase vitamin D…

Mushroom is low in sodium, fat, cholesterol and calories! Ladies, this is a great skinny food ūüôā

shittake mushroom in particular is one of the healthiest food on the planet! It is use extensively in ancient Chinese medicine! Scientist have shown that shiitake mushroom offers anti-viral, lower cholesterol and cardiovascular support, and amazing properties for the immune system!

What kind of mushroom should you eat?

Organic ones ūüôā Mushrooms grown from the ground and will absorb and concentrate whatever they grown in– good or bad. Mushrooms are known to concentrate heavy metals, and as well as air and water pollutant.

Shiitake mushroom vs other mushrooms

Shiitake fight against cancer cells and infectious disease, boost immune system, promotes brain faction and a great source of B vitamins.


Organic shiitake mushroom



Extra virgin olive oil


  1. wash the mushroom and cut the stem
  2. sprinkle some salt on top
  3. sprinkle pepper or ground pepper on top
  4. pour some olive oil around the mushroom
  5. bake at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes

Fun facts of shiitake mushroom:

It is still grown wild in mountainous regions of Asia, but nowhere in the United States or anywhere else.