Cornmeal stir fry 

Today I was inspired to explore corn meal and I end up with corn meal stir fry. Corn meals its great substitute for grains and flour, as it is gluten free. Eating corn meals has many health benefits. It is excellent source of fiber, iron, zinc, niacin and as well as other vitamins and minerals.

Corn meal stir fry


1 sweet tomato

Organic frozen corn

Organic firm tofu

Organic kale



1. microwave sweet potato for 5 min.

2. scoop the sweet potato from the peel and smash it in a bowl.

3. add kale, corn and tofu and mix it all together

4. add about 1/3 cups of cornmeal or amount desire.

5. make sure everything is mixed together

6. stir fry it in the pan at medium head

and there  you have it! Add some salt and pepper to desire.

Its a different experience from your typical rice or pasta. Its much lighter and keeps you full.