Homemade Sunday dinner -Kafta 

what could be better than having your significant other to cook a meal for once ?

1. Chop onion and parsley in small pieces and then mix it with your ground beef. Sprinkle some salt

2. Cover the baking pan with olive oil

3. Slice the potato and tomato then lay in the pan

4.  Make the meat into patties or sausage form with alittle help of Olive oil (don’t dip it in Olive oil)

5. Lay the patties in pan around the potato and tomatos or the other way around. In our case, we used a small pan (large pan is recommended)

6. Bake it at 400 degree for about 45 mins

And there you have Kafta!


1 Organic tomato

1 organic sweet onion

Organic parsley

95% lean Ground beef

Olive oil

Golden potato


Thanks to Mar Vista farmers market