kefta for two

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 8.06.40 PMThe weather has finally cool down in Los Angeles! Taking advantage of this weather and turning on the oven!

Homemade kefta for two.

1 organic yellow tomato

1/2 lb of Halal 95% lean ground beef

1/4 of a whole sweet onion (based on personal preference)

1/4 cup of fresh organic parsley (based on personal preference)

Pinch of Himalayan salt

IMG_63761 Tablespoon of black pepper

All spice (optional)

3-4 organic fresh potatos

Olive oil


  1. cut onion, tomato, and parsley into small pieces
  2. mix onion, tomato, and parsley with ground beef
  3. add salt, all spice, black pepper and a splash of olive oil
  4. make small patties from mixed beef
  5. slice the potatoes
  6. pour small amount of olive oil into your baking panIMG_6378
  7. place the patties and sliced potato into your baking pan
  8. bake at 350F degrees for 40-45 mins

Serving size: For two people

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