Organic raw healthy fruit plate

Late night craving? Not sure what to snack on? Make yourself a fruit plate! Healthy, guilt free and tasty. My tonight late night snacks are tomato, persimmon and pomegranate!

This ugly tomato that I picked up from the Santa Monica farmersmarket is the tastiest tomato. It may look ugly and unappetizing but its full of earthy, rich tomato flavor. Snacking on these has a lot of health benefits!  Tomatoes contains outstanding antioxidant content. It is great fruit for cardiovascular support, bone health support and anti- cancer benefits… Most importantly ladies, it is a flat belly food and help you to lose weight.

Have you ever had persimmon? Persimmon is native to Asia. It is a sweet and delicious fruit that is packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber. It is a great fruit for nourishing the eye, improving digestion, anti- aging, boosting immunity, cardiovascular support and anti-cancer benefits – not to mention that it promotes weight loss!

Pomegranate is packed with powerful anti-oxidants. Great for cardiovascular support, lower cholesterol, contains anti-cancer and immune support properties.

Dont you want my amazing fruit plate now? Share your favorite late night healthy snack with us!