Tuna salad

One way I enjoy my tuna salad is to put it on a salad! Double salad, cant go wrong with that ūüôā
Canned Tuna is one of the most popular consumed types of fish in the U.S. It is relatively inexpensive and easily stored in the pantry, making it a convenient protein source when you need a quick meal.

Tuna and other fish have many health benefits. It may help lower your risk of stroke, heart disease, cognitive decline, cancer, eye disease and mood problem due to the omega 3 fatty acid!

Today, I made myself a tuna salad embedded on salad!



1 Can tuna fish

1 rib celery

1/4 red onion

salt and pepper

vegan mayannaise

Fresh greens

Olive oil


  1. use a can opener and open the can . Drain all any excess water
  2. Slice celery and onion into small slices
  3. In a bowl, mix tuna, celery, onon and mayannaise together.
  4. add salt and pepper based on personal preference
  5. embreded on fresh greens
  6. drizzle some olive oil on top