Vanilla bean ice cream with dark chocolate cover berries


Its a hot and sunny day here in Los Angeles. Taking a mid day ice cream break, why not?! One of my favorite ice cream brand is the So Delicious. So Delicious uses organic ingredients and its non GMO verified with no artificial sweetener, trans fat or hydrogenated oils. I picked up this no added sugar vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream and some toppings from the store.


So Delicious coconut milk vanilla bean

Next Organic dark chocolate cover strawberry

Next Organic dark chocolate cover coconutScreen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.05.57 PM

Fresh pomegranate

Tropical Vally Food offers variety of dark chocolate covered fruits and nuts. You have the option of purchasing organic or all natural based on your budget. Next organic line is certified organic and Next by Nature line is all natural.  I dont know about you but chocolate cover fruits and nuts sounds like the perfect toppings to me!

Today I’m in the mood for some coconut and strawberries.  These dark chocolate covered coconut and strawberries is very different from anything I have ever tried. You are not sprinkling the powder, crumbles or the Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 1.06.06 PMflakes on your ice cream. The fruits are REAL! The coconut and strawberries are actual coconut slices and whole strawberries thats dipped in dark chocolate. You can actually taste the seeds that is on the strawberry! Amazing! The combination of the chocolate and berries, surprisingly, isnt overwhelmingly sweet. No overpowering coconut, sugary or artificial taste at all!

Share your favorite healthy toppings with us!

Happy Wednesday <3