Veggie pasta

my favorite red pasta sauce

Veggie Pasta

I’m a huge Italian food lover but once in awhile I just need more vegetable in my daily consumption and less carb.

As many of you may have seen or heard of veggie pasta – shredded from zucchini or spaghetti squash. I don’t know about you but i’m a little bored with those options.

My new veggie recipe is substitute of zucchini or spaghetti squash is with sprout! If you don’t like the crunchiness of the sprout, cook it in the sauce for few mins.

This recipe and substitution make cooking alot fast and easy. No shredder needed. Good for people on the go life style.

My recipe:

Organic sprout

red sauce (sauce of your choice)

Shiitake mushroom

a sprinkle of shredded cheese

Next time you crave pasta but want less carb and more vegetable, give this recipe a try!