Barnana – Banana chews

Recently I tried this product called Barnana! Barnana is born in Southern California in 2001. It is a dehydrated organic banana chew snack that comes in different flavors: coconut, apple and peanut butter. When I first saw that its a chew, I did not know what to expect. I was picturing chewy ginger candy but in banana flavor. In case you were wondering, its like a condensed cookie texture.

Barnana is a  high potassium and fiber snack. It is non GMO, raw and vegan ! If you workout a lot like me, it is a great way to get your source of potassium!   

What I love about this product is I no longer need to commit to a whole banana (they can get pretty big sometimes) and deal with summer fruit flies 🙂 However, if you can commit to a fresh whole banana, fresh is always better.

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