Wholesome hibiscus mint popsicle

12142337_910052222403083_1241727878_n(1)Heat waves is still here in Los Angeles!!! Wahhhh…

Staying cool and happy with mouth watering Goodpop‘s hibiscus mint frozen pops on this hot summer day. Wait, is it still summer though?

Goodpop founded by Daniel Goetz and is born in Austin, TX in 2009. It is made with real, wholesome and natural ingredients. Hibiscus mint pop is only 70 calories per pop. Stay calm, yep, its beach body friendly!!! It is also vegan, fat free, and dairy free (of course naturally gluten free). Non GMO verified 🙂

Goodpop’s hibscus mint pop is very refreshing with combination of hibiscus, lime and mint. Perfect summer guilt free snack! Not overly minty nor sweet. I’m not a hug sweets person and this was perfect for me. No complaining.

In addition, Goodpop is a company that gives back to the community <3

Whats your favorite frozen pop?