Maple and ginger nut butter

My favorite Vermont farmers market goodie is nutty butter from Nutty Vermonter . Nutty Vermonter’s nutty butter is mixed of cashew, pecan and almonds. You are not just getting one type of nuts, you are getting three! Yes, you can have it all!!!

Nutter Vermonter is handmade in Vermont and with organic ingredients!It is low in sugar, low sodium, raw nuts, no artificial flavors, preservative or hydrogenated oils!  My favorite flavor from Nutty Vermont is the Maple and Ginger. You will taste the crystal ginger in every bite. The texture of this nut butter is perfect. Its not too “nutty” like it sounds or you known by, yet, it is not smooth either. My second favorite flavor is the Maple and Chipotle. Depends on how you want to eat it, you will love any of the flavor that Nutty Vermont offers!


Seriously, sometimes I just eat out of the jar . shhhh…

One of my favorite way to eat my Maple and Ginger nut butter is with banana!