Clean and nourish your body with goat milk

Caprina soap by Canus

IMG_9717Who would have thought you can clean and nourish your body with goat milk!

Goal milk contains mother nature nurturing ingredients. Packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins. Protein strands allow easy absorption, which will help nourish and heal any rough patches on your skin.

From personal experience, this product made my skin super soft and silky. You wont get the feeling of having dry skin that you normally get from using bar soaps. Some of their soaps are scented but its not scent overload like you downed in a flower field so it is male user friendly 😉 Unscented is also available if you have super sensitive skin.

Canus is a reasonably priced and is socially responsible company.  All their product is phosphate-free, uses eco friendly packaging and the company source their fresh goat milk from local dairy farms. We love company who supports local!