Fat Face skin care Review

IMG_6113Fat Face¬†skincare specialize in making organic and all natural skincare products that aren’t full of preservatives, chemicals and toxins. Fat Face uses healthy fats that allow nourishment and provide hydration to the skin. The fat that Fat Face uses is all¬†plant-based like; organic coconut oil and raw Shea butter not to mention that its all tallow pastured from grass-fed cows. Yep, cows! Moo…

Skin is the largest organ in our integumentary system. Everything that we put onto our skin gets absorbed and processed by our body. The majority of skin care products that we find on the market contain ingredients from vague sources and usually unpronounceable! Since we don’t know the source of the product then why should we allow our skin to absorb it. I don’t know about you, but I want my largest organ to absorb pure, raw, and natural products only.

IMG_6110Fat Face Toner

An all natural toner to wipe away the day! It contains natural ingredients like raw apple cider vinegar and witch hazel to help balance the skin’s pH levels and is infused with essential oils from lavender and rosemary to help heal and regenerate skin.

When you spray this product on your face, you will immediately notice the strong smell of apple cider vinegar . As the apple cider vinegar smell fades away (fairly quickly), lavender scent will kick in and get stronger – however never overwhelming! This product will not only cleanse your face, it will keep the skin moist, soft and smelling amazing ūüėČ

Recommended: Follow up with Myrrhaculous face

IMG_6112Myrrhaculous Face Cream

Made from grass fed cow tallow. Yep, real cows! Tallow is high in omega-3 and CLA. This product contains a blend of essential oil thats known for calming and relaxing. It is great for night use! It will help keep your face soft, moist and glowing. This product is definitely great for the Fall and Winter season!

Tips: Because this product is mostly made of ¬†fat and oil, I recommend using small amounts at a time. The texture of this product is heavier than most body butter you may have used so don’t over use it!

Body Butta

Oh yes! More beef fat! If you put beef fat on your face, you gotta put some on your body as well! Just like the face cream, this products is infused with essential oils that will have a calming and relaxing effects. It also has magnesium oil (which may have effect on de-activation of adrenaline). Just like the face cream, this product will keep your body soft, moist and glowing! Make you feel just like butta! Great for the Fall and Winter seasons!

IMG_6120Stank Stop

Most commercial deodorants contain substances like aluminum, preservative, fragrance, and have been linked to health concerns like cancer and infertility. Those yellow stains on your white t-shirt around your armpits area (very gross!…) is actually caused by aluminum. I don’t know about you, but umm… no thanks.

Stank Stop is made from a combination of antibacterial properties from organic coconut oil with odor absorbing powder and aluminum-free baking soda. Unlike other deodorant out on the market, FatFace threw in some Grass Fed Tallow and Shea butter to better moisture those pits and provide a natural feel. Lovely РI know! This product contains arrowroot powder which will help soak up extra sweat from workouts. Yayyy! And the essential oil in this product not only keep us smelling good, but also helps reduce excessive sweating (which is why Clary sage is added to the deodorant) РLove it! This product will keep your pits moist, smell good with no yellow stains! If you use it long enough, you will notice it will get rid of your razor burn and any ingrown hair as well.

Available for men and spray option.
Cleansing Oil

What do you use to take the oil or make up off of your skin?

Most of us use the traditional face wash cleanser or make up remover to wipe the day away. When we use the face wash cleanser, it also washes away the healthy oils thats our skin needs and leave us with a dry feeling. Make up removers are the most popular way for people to remove their make up. However, make up removers are full of chemical ingredients that are also from vague sources.

FatFace Cleansing Oil uses oil. Yep, nothing but oil! It will wash away the dirty oils and replace it with clean and healthy oils. FatFace cleansing oil contains lavender, rosemary and lemongrass essential oils. Lavender is known for its ability to tone, revitalize and heal the skin. Rosemary oil can reduce inflammation, regulate oil secretion, clear acne blemishes and stimulates skin cell renewal. Lemongrass oil can increase blood circulation, which helps to reduce inflammation.

This product will take the day off and leave you with soft, clear, smooth and brighter than ever!

Things I love about FatFace and why you should give it a chance:

  • Smells amazing
  • Hydrates and leaves you with soft, smooth and healthier¬†skin!
  • Made from natural and organic ingredients – with no harsh chemicals

After usage you will¬†wanna¬†say “I’m gonna rub some beef fat on my body!”

Please note: I received a free trial of Fat Face products and was not compensated for this review. Review is written based on my personal experiences with Fat Face products.