Beirut, Lebanon

My partner and I took a 3 days trip to Lebanon as part of our Middle East exploration. I have never been to the Middle East before and I am very excited to share this trip with him.

We got to spend 3 days in Lebanon and it was a difference experience than Jordan.

Due to the protesting that is happening in Lebanon (garbage removal lead to raising issue of corrupted government) there were few places we were unable to see. But what we saw, it left me a good impression of Lebanon.
The people in Lebanon are super nice and the people are on the conservative side but not as conservative as Jordan.

If you ask me, I thought it was actually pretty cool to be part of their revolution. The city was amazing, and people who is on strike is right, they need to do something about their government. Just like what you saw on the news, there were trash all over the street. Unfortunately, the local people does burn their trash at night so the whole city smelled very bad.


Mother Teresa Statue was amazing to see and the view at the top was stunning!!! You will see a great view of the city! If you have time, I highly recommend you para gilding at the time of the mouton and gild to the bottom. The view is stunning and its once in a life time experience!

The food in Lebanon was pretty good. Very similar cuisine as Jordan. A lot of amazing kebab ( you will see more fish kebab options here) 🙂 If you are up for some kebab, you will love it here!

The living situation in Lebanon was something I have never experienced before. The government of Lebanon controls the power and you only get power at certain time of the day. It is based on the area you live in. Most household in Lebanon have generator. However, if you are staying at a hotel, you will not encounter any power issues.

Unlike Jordan, there is more night life and young people around. You can go and grab drinks with people and meet many other young adults  in the city.

Travel tips: sunscreen, bug spray, conservative clothing, they do accept dollars 🙂