Hiking in Angles national forest 

Happy Sunday funday!

Los Angeles is full of fun activities but sometimes its nice to escape the city and be closer to nature. Today, me and my girlfriends decided to take a trip to Angeles National Forest and do some hiking. It is so nice to see some trees and greens again.

   The view of driving up to the
Angles National Forest was beautiful. It remind me why I moved to Los Angeles and what this city has got to offer.

We stopped by Switzer picnic area and started hiking from there. The picnic area is huge and full of family grilling and children playing. There are few trails next to the picnic area. We picked one that was the closest to where we were standing and gone from there. The trail was a dirt trail and was very dry. There were a lot of pretty flower and trees the further you walk into the trail. We came across a dried up waterfall, which I thought was pretty cool to look at. We also saw some wild chickens and lizard.


sunscreen, water, hat, snacks, bug spray