Fun Facts Of The Week: Salt

  • Every cell in the body contains salt
  • In old Japanese theatres, salt was sprinkled on to the stage before each performance to prevent evil spirits from casting spell on the actors
  • Salt was used to preserve Egyptian mummies
  • Salt removes red wine stains
  • Right up to the 20th Century, pound bars of salt were the basic currency in Abyssinia.
  • Good quality salt contains many essential minerals for the body
  • In the middle age, salt was so expensive it was sometimes referred as “white gold”.
  • Black salt is made in India by mixing salt with hard seeds.
  • In the early 1800s, salt was 4 times as expensive as beef on the frontier
  • Only 6% of the salt used in the U.S. is used in food. another 17% is used to deicing streets and highways in the winter months.
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