Warn Nutty Chocolate Quinoa Comfort Dessert Bowl


Warn Nutty Chocolate Quinoa Dessert Bowl

I’m in the mood for chocolate, something nutty and warm. Like a brownie, smores or a lava cake…m… So instead, I made myself a what I call nutty chocolate quinoa dessert bowl. It hits the spot and guilt free. It is easy to make and no baking necessary.


1/2 cup of organic quinoa

1 cup of water

Few Pieces of Next organic coconut strip

1/4 cup Superseedz double dark chocolate

1 Tablespoon Vermont maple syrup

2 Tablespoon walnut butter



1.Boil the water and then pour quinoa in for 15 minutes

2. Cook 5 minutes before its done, add Superseedz double dark chocolate and walnut butter based on personal preference.

3. Once the quinoa is cooked and Superseedz is melted, bowl your bowl/cup

4. top it with more Superseedz, coconut strip, and maple syrup.

Whats your favorite guilt-free dessert?