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It’s Jenny! At this joyous time of the year, I would like to say thank you for following Organicallyblissful! I am very grateful to have you and all the other loyal followers – liking my posts and sending me the sweetest messages that make my day!!!

Organicallyblissful wishes you and your family a lovely holiday season filled with joy and happiness. Organicallyblissful is giving out a New Year starter kit to one of our loyal followers to start the New Year right!

In the starter kit you will find:

My Magic Mudd

IMG_6798Many commercial kinds of toothpaste contain chemicals that could be detrimental to our health. These chemical have been linked to possible oral and breast cancer and as well as mouth irritation and environmental pollution.

Chemical words to watch out for when purchasing toothpaste: Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (agent to allow paste to spread more easily), propylene glycol (agent to allow paste more easily), peroxides and hydrogen peroxide (whitening agent), microbeads (stain remover), sodium fluoride (substitute for fluoride), triclosan (antibacterial), hydrated silica (whiter), and diethanolamine or DEA (agent to make foam).

My Magic Mud whitening tooth powder is an all-natural tooth whitening powder that becomes paste while you are brushing. The paste is activated by ‘adsorption” as soon as it touches your saliva. This whitening tooth powder is lab tested, no fluoride, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and made with certified organic extracts. If you look at the ingredient list, no funny chemicals that you cant pronounce. No scary warning or caution if you swallow!

Savannah Bee’s Royal Jelly Body Butter


As we are getting into the winter months, our skin is faced with low humidity and drier weather, leaving us more susceptible to cracking and damage. Fortunately, we were able to discover Savannah Bee Company (moisture for all of winter!). Savannah Bee’s beauty and body product lines are derived from beehive ingredients; honey (natural cleanser and skin softener), beeswax (protects the skin and prevent water loss), propolis (has antibiotic & antiseptic quality) and royal jelly. Whats royal jelly? Royal jelly is a substance that is secreted by glands near the head region of a worker bee. In a honeybee hive environment, royal jelly may be thought of as a combination of baby food & queen food. Even though royal jelly is mostly water, it is very nutritious. It contains traces of protein, mineral, and vitamins. Fun fact, royal jelly allows the queen to live 40 times longer than the average bee! I don’t know about you, but sounds good to me!

Woobamboo (2 adults and 1 set of children)

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.15.14 PM

Quit plastic and brush with Bamboo. Woobamboo toothbrush is made with organically grown, sustainable, biodegradable, antimicrobial bamboo. The bristles are made of high quality, recyclable Dupont Tynex.

What I love about this product is you could literally pull out and recycle everything, including the bristles.

Woobamboo offers a different option that makes everyone happy. There is a slim handle or standard handle option. You can also choose soft, medium or super soft bristles. My personal favorite is the slim handle with soft bristles. And of course, while you are picking up one for yourself, get your kid or pet one while you are there. They should get some Woo love as well!

Deep Steep Sample Set
Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.17.15 PMHaving beautiful, shiny hair is important for that first impression.  With Deep Steep ‘s clean, pure, and natural hair care formula, you can get silky and shiny hair! At least, it did it for me. Deep Steep’s shampoo and conditioner not only shines your hair, it leaves you smelling amazing too. Deep Steep’s bath and body care contain no phthalates, parabens, or chemical preservative. Non-GMO, gluten-free, 100% vegan and its never been tested on animals. Even though Deep Steep is not organic certified – organic ingredients are being used in the product! This is one of my personal top favorite products.

In this set, we are giving out hand cream (rosemary +mint), body wash (grapefruit + bergamot), Body lotion (brown sugar + vanilla) and bubble bath (lavender + chamomile)! All smells amazingggg!

Eco Soulife

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 5.13.37 PMDitch your plastic cup and start using this eco cup dropping the environmental impact of plastic! This will be your very own bamboo aroma drinking cup from Eco Soulife!

Eco Life bamboo aroma sip cup is 100% biodegradable, dishwasher safe, reusable and heat resistant! Impressive right?! Guess what it is made out of? It is made from vegetable waste matter such as corn starch, bamboo, and rice husk. Yep, no toxic production process.

I don’t know about you but I am not leaving the house without my tea in this beautiful cup. It also designed to help decrease spillage 🙂

Mollys Suds 

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.06.43 PM

We love eating and applying organic products to ourselves. What about the cloth that touches our skin? Skin is our largest organ that absorbs everything we touch and apply. Cloth touches our skin majority of the day, our skin would appreciate us using nontoxic laundry cleaner.

Mollys Suds‘s laundry powder is natural without the use of harsh chemicals, toxins, fillers, carcinogens, preservative or GMO ingredients! The peppermint oil in this product will make your cloth smells fresh and clean 🙂

Schmidt’s Deodorant

Screen Shot 2015-11-26 at 12.11.06 PM

Conventional deodorants are loaded with chemicals that don’t belong on our body. Schmidt’s deodorant is an all natural, certified vegan and cruelty-free, and gluten free deodorant that is made in Portland, OR. What I like about Schmidt’s deodorant is they have so many different exotic scents!

My personal favorite scent is the lavender + sage. It smells amazing. The combination of lavender and sage is tranquil and soothing. This deodorant is free of aluminum, propylene glycol, parabens, and phthalates. It is fast absorbing, nongreasy, no residue and no sticky feeling.


A lot of stuff! Here is the breakdown list:

  • Eco Soulife Aroma Sip
  • Woobamboo toothbrush: 2 adult and 1 set of kids
  • Savannah Bee Royal Jelly body butter (1.65 oz)
  • Molly’s Suds Laundry Powder (2 loads- 1.7 oz)
  • My Magic Mud whitening tooth powder (3 oz)
  • Deep Steep sample set :hand cream (rosemary +mint), body wash (grapefruit + bergamot), Body lotion (brown sugar + vanilla) and bubble bath (lavender + chamomile). (all 1 fl oz)

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***I did not get paid to promote these products (although I wish I did!) – I love and enjoy using all of them! Hope you guys enjoy these products as much as me.***