15 Weirdest Natural Products You Never Knew Existed!

We were out in force at Natural Product Expo East Baltimore, hunting for new and innovative products. After grazing and trying all possible products, here are the weirdest products we found at the expo and are probably on their way to your local natural convenience store:

1. Honey capsulesūüćĮ

honey capsule

Attention people who sweeten their beverage with honey! You can now get honey capsules and they will dissolve to sweeten your hot beverages instantly. Instead of touching and squeezing a sticky bottle of honey Рthese capsules are made for convenience.

Honey offers many health benefits; alleviating allergies, providing an energy boost, acting as a cough suppressant, sleep aid, memory boosts, heal wounds and burns, blood sugar regulation, strengthen the immune system and much more!

Here is what you need to know: honey capsules only works in hot beverages. The outer shell of the honey capsule is made of gelatin which helps it dissolve over time.

2. Natural cat litter – So natural you can eat it!

Check out this all natural cat litter! So natural, you can actually eat it. Between you and me, I ate some cat litter… (shhh…) and it actually tastes like rice puffs.

Here is what you need to know: Good Earth cat litter is made of 100% the U.S. sourced grass, Non-GMO verified, 99% dust free, biodegradable, and odor controlled. Great for a multi-cat household=^-^==^-^==^-^=Like mine.

3. Does your man have a beard?

Beard balm

Winter season is on the way and we know how some of your man friends/boyfriends/husbands like to keep their faces warm (or just look tougher) by growing a beard. If they need help this winter to manage their scruff… beard balm is the answer!

Here is what you need to know: Beard balm is an all-natural light conditioner that keeps their skin/hair looking and feeling healthy! This beard balm can also aid in styling the wild cavemen look!

Ladies Рthis may be a great holiday present for any man in your life.

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4. Blue is the new green

blue algae

Drinking green is sooo yesterday! Now – it’s all about the blue!

Here is what you need to know: Blue Majik is derived from spirulina and is a proprietary extract of the blue- green algae Arthrospira platensis. This type of algae is nutrient dense and is filled with electrolytes. Unlike other spirulina, blue-green algae contain special and stunning blue pigments: phycocyanin and non-PC compounds. Phycocyanin is the blue pigment that gives it the shiny blue color Рis rich in antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties. It is also suggested that it promotes brain health.

5. Got Bugs?

chrips chips

How does eating insect sounds? Yuck or yum?

Humans eating insect is common to cultures in many countries across the globe, including but not limited to; Thailand, Ghana, Mexico, China, Brazil, and Australia. However, to most western cultures, eating insects is out of the norm. If you eat insects, you usually do so unintentionally, however serving as an appetizer or dessert will definitely have your friends running scared!

Coming to the U.S. market, Six Foods has launched bean-based chips made with cricket flour called “Chirps Cricket Chips”! You can now get your insects in a crispy western friendly format! Cricket Chips have 3x the protein and 40% less fat than normal potato chips.

Here is what you need to know about using cricket flour?

  • Low in calories, carb, and fat
  • High in protein
  • Iron-rich
  • Calcium-rich
  • Gluten free

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6. Forget your ACAI bowl and get on with your avocado bowl!


Did you know an avocado has more potassium than a banana?

Here is what you need to know: This is basically a smoothie bowl powered by avocado! High protein smoothie bowl with quinoa crunch! Very convenient and perfect for on the go lifestyle! Avocado provides 20 essential nutrients, packed with good fats, dietary fiber, and protein!

7. Who says hummus is only an appetizer?


When you hear the word hummus, you think of savory spread to go with your pita bread. But guess what? There is now dessert hummus! Yep! Dessert is now all about the chickpea-based spread. How does brownie batter, snickerdoodle, orange dream sickle or vanilla bean sound? You can now enjoy dessert¬†hummus with your pretzel, pita bread, crackers, fruit…

Here is what you need to know about Delighted by Hummus: Products are all natural, vegan, gluten-free, no preservative and Non-GMO. Delighted by Hummus is also free from top 6 allergens: wheat, gluten, soy, dairy, eggs or nuts.

8.¬†The secret¬†to managing muscle cramps is …

pickle juice

Yep, my jaw dropped when I was told pickle juice helps with muscle cramps!

Here is what you need to know: Dr. Kevin Miller and other researchers believe that pickle brine helps cure cramps because it triggers a nerve reaction. The pickle juice might spark some kind of “neutrally mediated reflex” that helps give the right cues to misfiring muscles, which are thought to cause cramps.

9. Who needs all-purpose flour when you can have cassava flour

cassava flour

Cassava or otherwise known as yuca is a delicious root vegetable that becomes the perfect alternative for wheat when grounded and dried.

Here is what you need to know: Cassava flour is an all-natural, grain-free, gluten-free replacement for wheat flour. It is often used as 1:1 substitute in countless recipes! Cassava flour can be used for baking and in savory applications like tempura, sauces, and gravy.

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10. Who needs croton when you can have cheese crisps!

cheese crisp

Attention cheese lovers! You have to check out these cheese crisps. Like right now!!

Here is what you need to know:¬†They are made with 100% pure cheese! An excellent source of protein and calcium! They are flavorful, airy and crisp! They can be used as a substitute for croton – to put in your sandwich or just enjoy them as chips! These cheese crisps are like potato chips – you can’t just have one so tread carefully.

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11. Farm to bag

kale popcorn

Alright, alright… Kale is still in. Besides snacking on your kale chips, you can now snack on kale popcorn!!! Yep, kale flavored popcorn!

Here is what you need to know: Kale popcorn is low calory, Non-GMO, gluten-free and guilt free! If you love kale and are the kale flavor, you will love this!

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12. The cold season is coming! img_7465

Besides drinking lemon, ginger, and honey water – how are you going to treat your cold this year? Check out this organic formulated cold medicine that can treat your cold and cough symptoms such as congestion, mucus, cough and sore throat, running nose and sneezing.

Here is what you need to know:¬†Unlike other cold medicines out on the market which are filled with chemicals, artificial coloring, flavoring, preservative and a ton of side effects… ¬†Gold Crush is the first USDA organic certified and non-GMO verified homeopathic cold and cough medicine! It is non-drowsy, no side effects and has no drug interactions.

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13.¬†When marshmallows meet other desserts and have a baby you get…¬†

mash mallow

Have you ever had flavored marshmallows before? Well, thanks to Smash Mallow, you can now enjoy flavored marshmallow snacks!

Here is what you need to know: Smash mallow offers a variety of marshmallow flavors including, root beer flat, Meyer lemon chia seed, mint chocolate chip, toasted coconut pineapple and espresso bean.¬†S’mores will never taste the same again!

14. Relax, relax.. this is not another vegan mayo


Avocado oil mayo with black garlic – pretty self-explanatory!

Here is what you need to know about avocado oil mayo: It is made with pure avocado oil, cage-free eggs, and organic honey instead of refined sugar. The black garlic puts a sweet and earthy twist on avocado mayo. This mayo is non-GMO verified, paleo approved, low in cholesterol, low in sodium and has no sugar!

Attention vegans! This product has eggs so¬†it’s not for you!

15. Let’s hope I trust myself on this one!


If you never heard of ear candle before, it is a hollow cone-shaped tube of wax-coated paper (and a few other materials) made to slowly burn while placed in your ear.

Here is what you need to know about ear candles: Ear candles are designed to help you relax. The candle sends warm air down the funnel creating rhythmic sounds and soothing warmth to give you an awesome feeling of relaxation. No need to pay for massages or buy electric massagers.

Warning: you can set yourself on fire!

Recommendation: Have a trustworthy partner to hold your candle!

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