Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Turkey This Year

Still deciding whether to buy an organic turkey or a conventional raised for Thanksgiving this year? Here are reasons why you should buy an organic certified turkey to share it with your family and friends this year:

organic logoRaised without antibiotics

According to Consumer Report poll, more than 95% of the 500 physicians surveyed said they are concerned by the meat industry’s use of antibiotics on healthy animals and its effect on human health. “About 80% of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are used on animals, and their misuse is making these medications less effective for treating disease in people”

According to a USDA report, 96% of turkeys in the U.S. were raised in places that produced at least 30,000 turkeys a year. This means conventional turkey farms crowd a bunch of turkey in a very small area which increases the likelihood of disease outbreak among birds. To prevent this, antibiotics are given regularly.

Raised without added hormones label

Don’t get fooled by labels that say no hormones added! Hormones are not allowed in raising poultry regardless if its organic or conventional. Period. Therefore, the claim “no hormones added”, or “raised without the use of hormones” is misleading. Those labels can be used (even though hormones are already not allowed) only if they are followed by the statement “federal regulation do not permit the use of hormones in poultry”.

Better for the environment

Organic turkeys are fed with organic feed. This means they are fed with food limited in herbicides and insecticides. You’re not only eating healthy turkeys but you are also encouraging organic farming in the process.

The type of products used in organic processing, like cleaning solvent, is much more environmentally friendly than conventional processes. Special organic processing plants are required making sure non-organic substances don’t contaminate the organic area.


Organically certified turkey means no GMO.

Happy turkeys!

Organic turkey gets to roam freely, more personal space, and have access to plenty of fresh air and sunshine!


Organic turkey can cost up to 6x times more than a conventional turkey, organic turkey is the right choice for you and your family.

Where to find organic turkey?

Organic turkey can be found at specialty health food stores, local butchers or local organic poultry farms.

How to prepare/cook an organic turkey?

Organic turkey can be prepared the same way as a conventional turkey.

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