Farm fresh produce delivery services have become more and more in demand in California. And it is becoming an increasingly popular way to buy produce directly from local farms and the convenience that comes with it. Today I’m going to share with you about my experience with Farm Fresh To You. Hopefully, after reading my Farm Fresh To You review, it can help you make a decision if this service is right for you.

What Is Farm Fresh To You?

Farm Fresh to You is a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) based in California. It is a family-run, USDA certified organic farm based in Northern California. The second generation now runs the farm, and they continue to carries their parent’s vision of growing well and taste great. By subscribing to their service, you will be connected to what is happening at the farm and fantastic resources like recipes, how to store your produce to last longer, etc.

Farm Fresh To You Review


  • It is certified organic. This usually is an make it or break it for me. I genuinely believe organic is better for you, better for the farmer, and better for the environment. When farmers go through with the certification process can claim it is certified organic. This means they actually took their time to go through the lengthy process of getting approved and met the standard. Many farmers call themselves “organic,” but aren’t certified, and you have to take their word for it. There are many farmers out there that call themselves “organic” when they are not just because they can charge a few extra cents from you.
  • Offers beyond just fruits and vegetable. For me, I like to utilize this type of subscription to limit the number of trips to the grocery. This means I need more than produce. Unlike other services that only deliver fruits and vegetables, Farm Fresh To You offers other products that you need daily like eggs, yogurt, bread, meat, juice, etc.. And yes, they are also organic!
  • User-friendly website. Signing up to the service and picking out your weekly groceries is super easy.
  • No delivery fee. Even though there is no delivery fee, there is a minimum order amount per order.


  • A lot of plastic usages. Farm Fresh To You uses a lot of plastics. I find that they typically separate the fruits, veggies and misc. and bag them separately. Not mentioning if you were to order strawberry, blueberry, or apricot, they come in containers or another plastic bag.
  • There is a minimum. It depends on what package you select, every package as a minimum. This could be a concern for someone who is single.
  • No delivery status update. Unlike some other services that will update where your delivery is at or when it’s delivered to your door, you don’t get a text notification from Farm Fresh To You. However, delivery usually happens between 8 pm (the night before your delivery date) – 8 am (your delivery date), you most likely will wake up to a box waiting for you at your door. The con for me is you could be going to bed not knowing your box is already at your door and you could be putting things away rather than going to bed.
  • Alot of ice pack. If you buy any items that are perishable, Farm Fresh To You will pack the item with a reusable ice pack. This way, if you are not home when the delivery happened, you don’t have to worry about anything going bad.
  • Price can be higher than the grocery store. Since all the products are grown in California, I do find some of the item prices are more expensive compared to grocery stores. In some cases, locally grown is not always the cheapest.

Farm Fresh To You Review Summary

Overall I enjoy using Farm Fresh To You because it is super convenient and it carries all my essentials from produce to baked goods to beauty products. With Farm Fresh To You, I can really cut down on the number of trips I need to make to the grocery store. In addition, all the products are farm fresh and organic. If you are someone who is looking for healthy, farm-fresh produce, and convenience then give Farm Fresh To You a try!

I hope my Farm Fresh To You review helped you to make your decision!

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