Thinking about using air fryer liners for easy cleanup? It’s time to reconsider.  From health risks to potential chemical leaching, learn why these liners might not be the best choice for your cooking needs.

Think twice about safety! Some silicone liners might leach chemicals when heated, and parchment liners coated with non-stick substances could release harmful PFAS and PFOA into your food.

Health and Safety Concerns

Not all liners fit every air fryer model, which can lead to trial and error in finding the right one. Plus, liners can alter the flavor and texture of your food, affecting the overall cooking experience.

Impact on Air Circulation

Using liners adds extra costs and environmental concerns. Disposable liners contribute to waste, and even silicone options have a long decomposition period. Consider the ongoing expense and ecological footprint.

Environmental Concerns

Air fryer liners can restrict airflow, essential for achieving that perfect crispiness. Some liners are designed with high sides or lack necessary perforations, leading to less than ideal cooking results.

Compatibility and Cooking Results

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