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OrganicallyBlissful is a health and wellness blog that dedicates to sharing an organic and natural lifestyle - a lifestyle that is good for you and better for the environment. At OrganicallyBlissful, you will find delicious healthy recipes, organic product and service reviews, and lifestyle tips.

Organic and natural lifestyle can be expensive, but we all know the benefits of this lifestyle. It’s healthier for you and better for the environment. Throughout OrganicallyBlissful, you will find money-saving tips, so it is a win-win situation for us and mother nature.

What is an organic and natural lifestyle?

When people think of organic and natural lifestyle, they think of food. This lifestyle goes way beyond just food. It includes the cleaning supplies you use in your kitchen, the beauty products you put on your face, the cloth you wear, and much more.

The definition of an organic and natural lifestyle is a bit different for everyone. To us, an organic and natural lifestyle means you will buy products that are free from genetically modified organisms, fertilizers, and pesticides. The products should have simple ingredients, free from toxic chemicals, and it shouldn’t contain ingredients you can’t pronounce. We believe organic certification is essential. However, you shouldn’t be slaving the word. There are plenty of products out there that are organic but aren’t organic certified due to the cost to certify their products. There are plenty of good, wholesome choices out there that don’t include the word on the packaging, but you must get to know the growers and brands.

Why an organic and natural lifestyle?

Organic and natural lifestyle is healthier for you and better for the environment. It can help reduce your carbon footprint on this planet.

Here are some benefits of why to chose an organic lifestyle:

  • Organic Certified means products have no prohibited pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  It is free from hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.
  • Many studies show that having a diet rich in organic foods is healthier. By eating organic foods, you are minimizing your risk for exposure to environmental toxins and serious health issues found in non-organic meat and produce.
  • Food simply tastes better.
  • If you are an animal lover, organically raised animals have much better welfare.

The face behind OrganicallyBlissful:

Hi, I’m Jenny ZI am the face behind the posts.

In 2014, I was inspired to start a health and wellness blog. At the time, I began to learn and explore an organic and natural lifestyle. It was all new information to me, and I want to share my story and journey with others, hoping I can encourage others to make a healthier choice too. 

Growing up, I had the on the go lifestyle with my parents. If I weren't in school, my parents would enroll me in extracurricular activities — which a very typical Asian parent move. With a hectic lifestyle, I ate a ton of fast-food or frozen meals because it was convenient. Even when my mother made homemade meals, I often still chose to eat something that I can microwave or pop in the oven. And because my parents weren't knowledgeable in nutrition, they never stopped me from eating all these heavily processed food. So the consequences of my choice, I did face many challenges with my weight, and I never fit into that skinny Asian girl stereotype. And along with my poor lifestyle choice, I also faced other health issues like high cholesterol, acne, and skin rash.

After going off to college, my world changed. I connected the concept of farm to table and learned about nutrition and how it impacts my health. As I eat cleaner and live healthier, the result like lower cholesterol, clear skin, weight loss automatically came with it. This is when I know I need to share my story with others. Don't let changing your lifestyle be the solution to your problem, do it for the now and future you. 

What you will find in my blog:

Recipes: As a foodie in life, food is life. Often time, the root of many health issues. As a foodie, my biggest passion is creating healthy and delicious with real food ingredients that nourish our bodies. Lucky for you, this means you will find some pretty amazing recipes on here.

Reviews: On my blog, I also share the products that I have tried and used over the years. What works and what didn't work for me in the hope my feedback can help you find the right products for you.

How-Tos: As I cook more in the kitchen and a lot of DIY, I learned many tricks and have a lot of tips for you. You will find all my tricks and tips in how to's section.

Money-Saving Tips: Over the years, I have learned many people tend to stay away from this lifestyle, even my own parent. They often think this lifestyle cost too much, and it is unnecessary. While this lifestyle does come with a price tag, I do believe with some budgeting, people can make this lifestyle work. So in my blog, you will see my money-saving tips. 

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