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Welcome to OrganicallyBlissful

OrganicallyBlissful is a blog that dedicates to sharing organic and natural lifestyle on a budget. In the hope, it can help you save money while living this lifestyle.

We all know the benefits of living with a natural and organic lifestyle. It’s healthier for you and better for the environment. And in many ways, it promotes sustainable living and environmental awareness. Unfortunately, this lifestyle does come along with a price tag. At least in the short term, that is.

What is an organic and natural lifestyle?

When people think of organic and natural lifestyle, they think of food. This lifestyle goes way beyond just food. It includes the cleaning supplies you use in your kitchen, the beauty products you put on your face, the cloth you wear, and much more.

The definition of an organic and natural lifestyle is a bit different for everyone. To us, organic and natural lifestyle means you will buy products that are free from the genetically modified organism, fertilizers, and pesticides. The products should have simple ingredients, free from toxic chemicals, and it shouldn’t contain ingredients you can’t pronounce. We believe organic certification is essential. However, you shouldn’t be slaving the word. There are plenty of product out there that are organic but aren’t organic certified due to the cost to certify their product. And there are plenty of good, wholesome choices to be made that don’t include the word on the packaging as well.

Why an organic and natural lifestyle?

Organic and natural lifestyle is healthier for you and better for the environment. It can help reduce your carbon footprint on this planet.

Here are some benefits of why to chose an organic lifestyle:

  • Organic Certified means products have no prohibited pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.  It is free from hormones, antibiotics, and GMOs.
  • Many studies show that having a diet rich in organic foods is healthier. By eating organic foods, you are minimizing your risk for exposure to environmental toxins and serious health issues found in non-organic meat and produce.
  • Food simply tastes better.
  • If you are an animal lover, organically raised animals have much better welfare.

The faces behind the OrganicallyBlissful:

Hi, I’m Jenny: I am the face behind the posts.

Zaid is my husband. And he is in charge of the tech support for OrganicallyBlissful. The plus side of having a tech partner is 24/7 tech support! I think that’s the reason why I keep him around. shhh…

In 2014, I was inspired and empowered by Zaid to start blogging about organic and natural lifestyle. Over the years I have learned that many people stay away from this lifestyle because they think it costs too much. While this lifestyle does come with a price tag, I do believe with budgeting, people can make this lifestyle work.  So I have decided to shift this blog focusing on how to live this lifestyle on a budget in the hope it will inspire more people to give this lifestyle a chance.

Organic and natural lifestyle is important to me because I truly believe it makes a difference to my health and well-being! So I want to share my story and journey with you.

One of my biggest passion is creating healthy, delicious and simple recipes with real food ingredients made to nourish our bodies. This means you will find some pretty amazing recipes on here.

Hey, I’m Zaid: I am the face behind of all the technical work and correcting Jenny’s grammar. And taste testing Jenny’s cooking, so you can get a delicious recipe from her.

When it comes to food, I am also a flexitarian. I eat pretty much what Jenny cooks, as long as there is no cilantro because I have the OR6A2 gene. Basically, it means cilantro have a different and unique taste to me, not in a good way.

Growing up, my food source comes from local farms and are only available by season. After moving to the U.S., I enjoy shopping at the local farmers market and specialty stores to get my organic and fresh produce, fruits, and vegetables. I support and enjoy living an organic and natural lifestyle because it is an excellent investment for your wellness.

One thing you should know about me is I always read the label claim and ingredient list.

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