Experience the joy of cooking with a razor-sharp knife. Learn how to bring precision back to your culinary tools by mastering the art of knife sharpening with a stone.

Before you start, soak your whetstone in water until bubbles cease. This step ensures your stone is ready to create a sharpening slurry, crucial for an effective sharpening process.

Preparing Your Stone

Find the perfect angle for sharpening—22.5 degrees is ideal for most kitchen knives. Maintain this angle consistently to reshape your knife's edge precisely and efficiently.

Setting the Angle

Begin with the coarse grit side of the stone to redefine the knife's edge. Use smooth, controlled strokes, applying pressure on the backward stroke only, and repeat until you feel a small burr.

Sharpening Technique

Switch to a finer grit to polish the edge, then use a honing steel to align it perfectly. Test your knife's sharpness with a paper slice or the thumbnail test, ensuring a clean, effortless cut.

Finishing Touches