The Best Electric Grill Options That Are PFOA-Free

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Last Updated - February 11, 2022

Enjoy delicious grilled steak, brisket, and veggies all year long with an indoor-outdoor electric grill—without the fuss of gas grills or charcoal grills.

To help you find the best electric grill for your cooking needs, we've rounded up the best PFOA-free products on the market today. But note, even though these products are free of perfluorooctanoic acid, a manufactured chemical used to make the nonstick coating, some may contain other potentially hazardous nanoparticles. Be sure to double-check the materials list if you're shopping for an electric grill that's 100% non-toxic.

The Best Electric Grills That Are PFOA-Free

GreenPan Ultimate Gourmet Indoor Grill

Best Overall

GreenPan Ultimate Gourmet Indoor Grill

When it comes to non-toxic electric grills, this Ultimate Gourmet Indoor Grill from GreenPan is almost impossible to beat. The innovative cookware company is one of the most trusted brands for non-toxic pots, pans, and other cooking devices. Not to mention, the all-in-one cooking system comes with eight nonstick carbon-steel mini pans and eight spatulas, both of which are top-rack dishwasher safe.

The versatile electric grill features Stay-Cool nylon handles and an advanced Thermolon Volt nonstick ceramic coating made without PFOA, PFAs, lead, cadmium, and other toxic nanoparticles. It's spacious 20 in x 10 in cooking surface boasts a combination griddle-grill on the left and a flat plate on the right. The area underneath the griddle plate can be used for broiling and making raclette too.

Open Kitchen by Williams Sonoma Electric Griddle

This Electric Griddle from Williams Sonoma's Open Kitchen line can do it all. Its versatile cooking space can whip up a stack of pancakes for brunch, veggie burgers for lunch, and fish and vegetables for dinner. Be sure to save room (and stock up on Nutella) for a few dessert crepes too! You can cook with peace of mind knowing you're cooking on a PFOA-free electric grill.

The portable electric griddle is the perfect size for cooking on countertops and kitchen tables. Its nonstick cooking surface boasts a Premium Quantanium nonstick coating reinforced with titanium for added durability and scratch resistance, even with metal utensils. Along the edge is a built-in ledge with a backstop for easier flipping. Underneath, you'll find a removable drip tray to collect excess fat for healthier meals and easier cleanup. An internal temperature probe makes it easy to adjust heat levels to ensure every food is cooked to perfection.

Gratlovink Family-Size Smokeless Electric Grill

Sick of your stove setting off your sensitive smoke detector? Make the switch to this Family-Size Smokeless Electric Grill from Gratlovink. Its sloped grilling surface and grease channels help drain excess oil and fat away from your food. As a result, you'll enjoy smoke-free cooking and easy cleaning. According to the brand, it produces 90% less smoke than other grills.

Its stone-derived cooking surface can handle everything from pancakes and breakfast sausages to chicken breasts and veggies. The non-toxic coating is four times more durable than your average nonstick pan. Adjustable temperature control helps maintain even heat distribution and prevents the grill plate from overheating.

Kalorik 6-in-1 Digital Contact Grill

No outdoor grill? No problem! This 6-in-1 Digital Contact Grill from Kalorik does everything your gas or charcoal grill can do— and more! It boasts two cooking surfaces that can be used individually or together to conquer any task. Six cooking modes allow it to function as everything from a panini press to a griddle to a full BBQ grill. There's even a top melt mode to melt cheese on your burger, steak, or sausage breakfast sandwich. Its adjustable hinge accommodates foods of every size, shape, and thickness.

Its versatile nonstick plates are crafted from a non-toxic material that's PTFE-, PFOA-, and BPA-free. While one is smooth, the other boasts a grilled texture that produces nice grill marks on whatever you're cooking up. Easy-to-use digital controls allow you to adjust each plate individually. Its powerful heating element quickly reaches a temperature range of 195 to 480 degrees F. Though its dual grill plates offer 120 or 240 sq. inches of cooking space, the countertop gadget can be stored compactly inside any kitchen cabinet or pantry shelf.

CRUXGG Searing Electric Grill

This sleek Searing Electric Grill is the result of a collaboration between Crux and Ghetto Gastro, a collective of top chefs who use the power of food to support underserved communities, fight racism, and advance social justice. Side-by-side grill and griddle plates boast a fully-detachable design with integrated handles and raised feet for serving at the table. Its bold red grilling surface brightens up any countertop.

The powerful countertop grill and griddle combo consistently deliver quick heating speeds and excellent heat distribution. A built-in reflection board maximizes heat retention for improved performance. Users can control the four heat settings using the handy control knob on the front. A dishwasher-safe drip tray, scraper tool, and stainless steel grease guard allow for safer cooking with quick and easy cleanup when you're finished.

Elite Gourmet Maxi-Matic Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill

Sticking to a tight budget? With this Maxi-Matic Smokeless Indoor Electric Grill from Elite Gourmet, there's no need to sacrifice quality or safety. The round electric grill perfectly sears pork, grills fish, cooks vegetables, and more! With high-temperature settings and an adjustable heat control knob, it's easy to customize grilling conditions for tasty results every time.

Unlike most other affordable electric grills, the durable nonstick coating is entirely PFOA-free. A large, domed lid prevents grease splatters and burns during high-heat cooking. Beneath the grilling surface, you'll find a removable catch pan to capture excess grease and unwanted fat. Dishwasher-friendly parts make for speedy cleaning when you're finished preparing your delicious meal.

Taylor Swoden 10-in-1 Panini Press and Electric Grill

If you love paninis but don't have cabinet space to spare, you need a multifunction electric grill like this 10-in-1 Panini Press and Electric Grill from Taylor Swoden. It cooks up everything from pancake and bacon breakfasts to toasted sandwich lunches to meat and vegetable dinners.

The electric grill features a double-sided design that doubles your cooking surface area, allowing it to function as a contact grill, panini press, grill, griddle, and top melt. Each cooking area is independently temperature controlled for customizable cooking. A menu mode offers four practical settings: defrost, reheat, barbeque, and sear.

It's crafted using a slippery nonstick coating for reliable cooking and easier cleaning. The durable coating is made without PFOA, BPAs, and other toxic materials that may leach chemicals into your food. Equipped with 1600 watts of power, it heats quickly and evenly every time. Four different colored light indicators allow you to monitor your grill through every stage of preheating and cooking.

Ninja Foodi XL Pro 7-in-1 Indoor Grill

While the Ninja Foodi XL Pro Indoor Grill is a bit of an investment, it's certainly worth your while if you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The 7-in-1 cooking device allows you to grill, sear, char, crisp, air fry, roast, bake, melt, and more. With a maximum temperature of 500 degrees F, it can easily cook everything from red meat to grilled cheese sandwiches.

The versatile indoor grilling gadget combines a temperature-controlled grill grate, splatter shield, and smoke control system. With three cooking grates to choose from— a smooth griddle, a pro-power grill grate, and a crisper basket— it's up for any task. Keep the hood down to add cyclonic air (just like an air fryer) for a delicious crispy texture without added fat. Or keep the hood up for high-heat grilling, frying, and searing. The splatter shield and cool-air zone improve safety by reducing the amount of smoke produced and preventing painful burns.

It's 117 sq. in. The cooking surface offers enough room to cook six steaks, four sandwiches, or six pancakes at once. The nonstick surface is entirely PTFE- and PFOA-free. And the best part is, it's dishwasher-safe too!

George Foreman Indoor|Outdoor 15+ Serving Domed Electric Grill With Ceramic Plates & Temperature Gauge - Gun Metal

The George Foreman grill is the most well-known brand when it comes to a grill. With this indoor/outdoor electric grill, you can place it on a stand and grill on the patio or remove the stand and grill on the countertop. With adjustable temperature control, you have five heat settings to choose from to get the best result for any kind of food. The ceramic coating is 5x more durable, stain- and fade-resistant, and free of PTFE and PFOA.

With 15+ serving, the 240 square inches of primary cooking space, you can serve a large group of people with this George Foreman.

What Is PFOA Nonstick Coating, And Why Is PFOA-Free Cookware Safer?

Though you hear the term PFOA thrown around a lot these days, do you actually know what it means?

PFOA is short for perfluorooctanoic acid. The man-made chemical can be found in all sorts of products that resist water, stains, grease, and sticking. Though most commonly associated with Teflon cookware, it can be found in everything from water-repellent jackets to cardboard product packaging to stain-resistant carpets.

According to a 2016 EPA report, high levels of exposure to this synthetic chemical may contribute to serious health problems, including liver damage, fertility problems, thyroid disease, and even cancer. Just as alarmingly, PFOA has been found to contaminate drinking water and negatively impact the environment. Using PFOA-free products is the best way to limit your exposure.

Cookware labeled PFOA-free features a nonstick coating made without this potentially harmful chemical. It's typically made without BPA, PTFE, and other dangerous fluorochemicals too.

With plenty of non-toxic cookware on the market today, there's no need to purchase something that may negatively impact your health. Made with safe PFOA alternatives, they offer the same nonstick surface you're searching for.

What To Look For In A Electric Grill


There are two types of indoor grills: open grills and contact grills.

Open Grills

Open grills are very similar to traditional grills with a flat grill surface and require you to flip food to cook them thoroughly and evenly. While open grills tend to take longer to cook, they do work better for certain food.

Contact Grills

Contact grills feature two cooking surface areas, all food to be grilled from top and bottom simultaneously like a panini press. Contact grills cook much quicker than an open grill and leave a nice crust on whatever you are cooking.


Compared to full-size gas and charcoal outdoor grills, electric grills are more compact. This also means the amount of food you can grill will be less than their counterparts.

Some of the electric grills are small enough for you to place indoors on a countertop, and others may have a stand that you can use on your patio or backyard.


Electric grills are typically between 1000 watts to 1700 watts. The more wattage, the more powerful your electric grill will be.

Easy to Clean

The best indoor grills should be easy to clean, especially if you are a grill lover. A grill is easiest to clean while it is still slightly warm, so you can scrape off anything left behind. And if the electric grills have a nonstick surface area, it will make cleaning up very easy. Some grills even have removable and dishwasher-safe parts.


Grilling indoors can generate a lot of smoke, and even with a "smokeless" grill, it will produce some smoke. To avoid setting your fire alarm off, look for grills with built-in filters that can drastically reduce smoke levels.

To make cleanup easier, seek ones that have removable grill plates or dishwasher-safe parts.

Some grills offer a half grill and half griddle so you can cook a variety of food that you typically can't cook on a full grill.

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