9 Best Organic Pads From Ultra Thin To Maxi

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Last Updated - September 3, 2022

Pads, tampons, and other widely-used period products come in contact with some of the body's most sensitive skin, but ingredient safety regulations are few and far between. If you are researching organic pads, you are most likely looking for a better alternative to what you are currently using, and organic pads may just be what you are searching for. Made without synthetic materials and toxic chemicals, organic period products aren't just better for the planet; they're better for the health of your intimate area too.

In this guide to organic pads, we'll answer commonly asked questions, offer helpful tips, and highlight a few of the best organic pads and natural period care brands on the market today. So say goodbye to synthetic materials and hello to a healthier body— and a healthier planet too.

9 Best Organic Cotton Pads

1. LOLA Regular Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

Best Ultra-Thin Pads

LOLA Regular Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

On light flow days, use LOLA's Regular Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings. They're made with a 100% organic cotton top sheet and core for powerful, leak-free protection that doesn't sacrifice your health. A plant-based bioplastic backsheet and non-toxic adhesives ensure they're safe for the planet too. Designed with a woman's body in mind, they fit your underwear with less bunching for next-level leak protection with less chafing and skin irritation. You can purchase with confidence knowing a portion of every purchase goes to support non-profit organizations that donate period care products and speak out about the tampon tax.


Brand Ethics | Natural & sustainable materials, made in the USA, gives back

Made From | Certified organic cotton, plant-based bioplastic. No synthetic fibers, fragrances, dyes, super absorbent polymers, deodorant, or chlorine bleach here.

Assortment Available | Pantyliners, regular & heavy. Tampons and liners are available.

2. L. Organic Cotton Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

Best Organic Pads With Wings

L. Organic Cotton Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings

For everyday protection, try these Organic Cotton Ultra-Thin Pads with Wings from L. They're made with an organic cotton top sheet and an all-natural absorbent core that are lightweight and breathable enough for all-day, everyday wear. The ultra-thin pads are made without chlorine bleach, fragrances, dyes, and pesticides that may be potentially harmful to your health. Plus, every purchase from L. supports local organizations to donate pads, increase menstrual health education, and improve access to affordable period care.


Brand Ethics | Natural and every budget in mind, Certified B Corp

Made From | organic cotton free from chlorine bleaching, pesticides, fragrances, and dyes

Assortment Available | Pantyliners through overnight, and tampons

3. The Honey Pot Organic Cotton Heavy Flow Herbal Overnight Pads

Best Overnight Pads

The Honey Pot Organic Cotton Heavy Flow Herbal Overnight Pads

The Honey Pot is a black-owned, plant-derived feminine care brand that channels ancestral healing with its herbal infusions. Their Organic Cotton Heavy Flow Herbal Overnight Pads are infused with cooling mint, calming lavender, and soothing aloe to naturally conceal odors while supporting your vaginal health.

Made with certified organic cotton and extra-thick, extra-absorbent polymer core, they'll keep you leak-free all night long. The herbal-infused pads are extra long with sturdy wings for added coverage.

The Honey Pot

Brand Ethics | Natural materials, gives back, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic 

Made From | Certified organic cotton, infused herbs, no synthetic fragrance. Free from pesticides, chlorine, dioxins, or synthetic material

Assortment Available | Pantyliners through overnight, and tampons

4. Nyssa Organic Large Maternity Pads

Best Organic Postpartum Pads

Nyssa Organic Large Maternity Pads

Between sleep deprivation and stinky diapers, new moms have no time for leaky postpartum underwear made from irritation-causing synthetic ingredients. Make your reproductive health a priority during your post-birth recovery with these Organic Large Maternity Pads from Nyssa. They're made using two layers of 100% organic cotton that's free of fragrances, dyes, and toxic chemicals. Plus, they're cut extra long and wide with 32 times the absorbency of traditional pads. Designed to support heavier bleeding and leakage, they're the perfect complement to a pair of postpartum recovery underwear and a reusable ice pack or heating pad.


Brand Ethics | Natural & comfortable

Made From | Organic cotton top sheet and chemical-free cotton throughout

Assortment Available | Long Postpartum Pads

5. Rael Organic Cotton Pads (Large)

Best for Heavy Flows

Rael Organic Cotton Pads (Large)

These Rael Organic Cotton pads (Large) were created with heavy flows in mind. Their extended back and double wings offer added coverage that keeps leaks in check while you go throughout your day. Both the absorbent Leak Locker core and 100% organic cotton cover are hypoallergenic and chlorine-free, ensuring they're gentle enough for sensitive skin. Effectively placed channels trap spills and prevent overflows for total protection. Pillow soft to the touch and equipped to handle the heaviest of flows, they're great for pregnancy and postpartum too.


Brand Ethics | Natural & sustainable materials, recyclable packaging, gives back, hypoallergenic

Made From | Certified Texas organic cotton, chlorine-free, no-fragrance added

Assortment Available | Petite through overnight, light-to-heavy sets. Period underwear and tampons are available

6. Tampon Tribe Organic Cotton Panty Liners

Best Panty Liners

Tampon Tribe Organic Cotton Panty Liners

Ultra-thin pads like Tampon Tribe's Organic Cotton Panty Liners are an essential part of every period care routine. Wear them solo for light spotting or as added protection from tampon leaks on a heavy flow day.

Tampon Tribe's all-natural panty liners are made with high-quality, GOTS-certified organic cotton and an ultra-absorbent core, making them an excellent option for women with sensitive skin. They're naturally absorbent and surprisingly discreet, keeping you fresh and comfortable all day long.

Tampon Tribe

Brand Ethics | Natural & sustainable materials, compostable, ethical and sustainable manufacturing

Made From | 100% certified organic cotton. No chemical bleaches, perfumes, dyes, plastic or additives.

Assortment Available | Pantyliners through ultra thin, and tampons

7. Cora Free-To-Move Bladder Liner

Best For Bladder Leaks

Cora Free-To-Move Bladder Liner

Pads aren't just for periods! But when it comes to organic intimate care products, incontinence pads are often overlooked. Made using an organic cotton top sheet, Cora's Free-To-Move Bladder Liners will boost your confidence naturally! The ultra-thin pantyliners absorb 16X their weight, offering reliable protection from bladder leaks and heavy flows.

They're made without latex, chlorine bleach, chloroform, and other harsh chemicals are known to irritate sensitive skin. Plus, they've got an ultra-absorbent polymer and wood pulp core that locks in moisture and minimizes odors for peace of mind without compromise.


Brand Ethics | Natural & sustainable materials, certified B Corp, gives back

Made From | Certified organic cotton. Free of chlorine, fragrance, and dyes

Assortment Available | Regular & overnight. Tampons and liners are available.

8. The Honey Pot Organic Cotton Herbal Regular Pads

Best Herbal-Infused Pads

The Honey Pot Organic Cotton Herbal Regular Pads

Upgrade your period routine with these Organic Cotton Herbal Regular Pads from The Honey Pot. The versatile everyday pads are infused with aloe vera, mint, and lavender essential oils for a subtle cooling sensation that leaves you feeling soothed, refreshed, and odor-free. Made with an organic cotton top sheet and ultra-absorbent wood pulp core, they're hypoallergenic and dermatologist-approved. Purchase with confidence, knowing you're supporting a black-owned, female-founded brand on a mission to revolutionize period care with natural herbal ingredients.

9. Organic Initiative Cotton Ultra Thin Regular Pads with Wings

Best Ultra Thin

Organic Initiative Cotton Ultra Thin Regular Pads with Wings

For ultra-thin lovers, check out Organic Initiative Cotton Ultra Thin Regular Pads with Wings. The breathable, soft, and non-irritant thin pad is super comfortable to wear. Perfect for light to medium flow, this thin pad is made from 100% organic cotton that is both the cover and absorbent core. Each pad is individually wrapped with 100% biodegradable cornstarch-based material, so you can feel good to help reduce long-term waste and your environmental footprint. By choosing OI, you are saying "Yes" to your health and to the planet.

Organic Initiative

Brand Ethics | Natural & sustainable materials, biodegradable & recyclable packaging

Made From | Certified organic cotton. Free from chlorine bleach, fragrance or pesticides.

Assortment Available | Pantyliners, regular, & super. Tampons are available.


Are organic pads better?

Yes! Made with organic cotton— and typically without artificial dyes, added fragrances, chlorine bleach, and other irritation-causing chemicals too— natural pads are widely-recognized as healthier for your body and better for the planet.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers tampons, sanitary pads, and menstrual cups to be medical devices, meaning brands aren't required to disclose ingredients on the packaging. A study by the non-profit organization Women's Voices for the Earth found that traditional pads may contain known or suspected endocrine-disrupting chemicals, carcinogens, and allergens. This lack of transparency is further exacerbated by a lack of ingredient safety regulations too.

Most period products use conventional cotton that's been sprayed with harmful pesticides, chlorine-bleached to achieve a pristine white color, and wrapped in petroleum-based plastics. As a result, they may contain dioxins, furans, pesticide residues, and adhesive chemicals that may cause skin irritation and harm your reproductive health. Switching to organic pads and tampons minimizes your exposure to these hazardous ingredients.

Despite being used by 70-85% of women in the United States, menstrual pads and tampons remain almost entirely unregulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) too. Choosing to use certified organic cotton pads shows you're serious about fighting climate change and improving the lives of the farmers and factory workers worldwide who produce these widely-used products.

Are organic pads worth it?

Organic pads are typically a tad more expensive than traditional pads— and for a good reason too. Here are just a few benefits that make these menstrual products worth the splurge:

Safe for Sensitive Skin

Pads, panty liners, and other sanitary napkins are used against some of the most sensitive skin on your body. Using fragrance- and chlorine-free pads is the best way to minimize skin irritation during your period.

Improve Overall Vaginal Health

The skin around the vulva and vagina is more sensitive and absorbent than most parts of the body. Using natural pads can help prevent yeast infections and keep your vagina naturally pH balanced.

Minimize Plastic Use

Many organic pads come in wrappers made of plant-based plastics and packaging made of recycled cardboard that helps minimize your environmental footprint.

Make a Difference

A number of menstrual care brands donate products to underserved communities and support menstrual health education.

Are there harmful chemicals in pads?

Most conventional menstrual care products are made with synthetic materials and toxic chemicals that help cut costs and create a pristine white appearance. Here are a few potentially hazardous ingredients to look out for:

Added Fragrance

Menstrual care brands aren't required by law to share the specific ingredients used to create their fragrances, meaning they can be filled with potentially harmful chemicals that can cause irritation. Unless you're using herbal-infused pads, stick to fragrance-free period products.

Chlorine Bleach

Most conventional period pads get their crisp white color from a chemical-filled chlorine bleaching process that leaves behind dioxins and furans that may harm your health.


A 2019 study found high levels of phthalates and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in many mainstream period care products. Even more alarmingly, because pads are in direct contact with your most intimate areas for an extended period, there is a "probability that a considerable amount of VOCs or phthalates could be absorbed into the reproductive system."

Pesticide Residue

Non-organic cotton is sprayed with heavy doses of harmful pesticides, potentially leaving behind pesticide residues that can irritate sensitive skin and be absorbed into the body. Plus, you're supporting the health of cotton farmers worldwide by minimizing their exposure to these toxic chemicals.

Plastic Backsheets & Wrappers

Period care products are incredibly wasteful. Pads made with plastic back sheets and wrappers shed microplastics and add to landfill waste. Not to mention, synthetic materials can irritate the skin of those with a plastic sensitivity. Minimize your plastic usage with plastic-free products made using plant-based bioplastics instead.

What's the easiest way to protect yourself from these potentially harmful chemicals and ingredients? Switch from regular pads to organic cotton pads!

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