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 Last Update March 8, 2023

By Jenny Z

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Buying a gift for someone can be difficult, let alone that someone is a vegan. Whether you are a vegan looking to gift someone or buy a gift for a vegan friend or loved ones, purchasing a gift can be a little tricky and overwhelming. The last thing you want is an awkward situation of gifting vegan something that is not actually vegan.

What is a Vegan Lifestyle

Veganism is a lifestyle that not only refrains from eating animal products, vegans also don't wear or use products that contain animal or animal by-products. So this means no wool, silk, leather, or any animal-tested beauty products. 

Gifts That are not Vegan

  • Food that contains animal products or by-products. Including fish, meat, egg, milk, butter, gelatin, and even honey. 
  • Clothing and accessories that contain animal fur, leather, down, wool, pearls, or silk.
  • When it comes to beauty products, they should not contain beeswax, carmine, or lanolin. They also never got tested on animals. 
  • To help you find the perfect gift for a vegan friend or loved one, here is a list of vegan-friendly items, so you don't have to spend endless hours searching the internet for the best gifts for vegans.

    Best Gifts For Vegans

    1. 100% Pure Beauty Set - Natural beauty line that is made from fruit and vegetable pigments. 

    2. Non-Slip Cork Yoga Mat - 100% Eco-friendly cork and non-toxic yoga mat.

    3. Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl - A beautiful acacia wood bowl set. 

    4. Omega Juicer - Quiet but powerful juicer that extracts the maximum amount of nutrients, vitamins, taste and juice from minimum amounts of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, and wheatgrass.

    5. Spice - Organic spices sourced from global co-ops and farms. Contains no additive, and salt.

    6. Vegan Protein Powder - Effortless nutrition for vegans on the go. Sweetened with stevia—no added sugar, and 120 calories per serving.

    7. Vegan Women Multi/ Vegan Men Multi -  Vegan friendly one a day multi that is made from nutritious and organic whole foods.

    8. Reusable Food Wrap - Reusable and biodegradable food wrap that will help reduce plastic wrap and bags. 

    9. Cook Books - Comfort food vegan style. 

    10. Pastry Recipe Cook - Of course, every pastry are important. 

    Best Gifts For Vegans

    11. Air Plants - Extremely low maintenance and easy to care for plants for any one.

    12. Hydro Flask Water Bottle - Hydro Flask insulated water bottle is dishwasher safe; Slip-free powder coating won't sweat.

    13. Theragun - A simplified smart percussive therapy device that prioritizes the essential features you need while maintaining the power and effectiveness of Theragun's deep muscle treatment. Ease discomfort, soothe tightness and tension, and recover faster in seconds.

    14. Chocolate Bar Variety Pack - These chocolate bars are paleo, vegan, organic, with no dairy, no soy, no emulsifiers, no soy lecithin, no gluten, no refined sugar, no cane sugar, and no sugar alcohols. So... they are perfect for everyone and any one. 

    15. Cozy Slippers - Everyone could use a pair of cozy slippers. 

    16. Maple Syrup - Maple syrup are some of vegan's best sweetener friends. They are a great honey substitute. 

    17. Yoga Mat Cleaner - Alcohol-free yoga mat spray is effective, yet gentle without leaving any sticky or slippery residue behind. 

    18.Himalayan Salt Lamp - A genuine pure crystal rock salt.

    19. Resistance Bands 

    20. AirPods - Universal fit that’s comfortable all day.

    Best Gifts For Vegans

    21. Non Slip Socks - The perfect socks for barre workout. 

    22. Ice Cream Maker - Fully automatic frozen yogurt, sorbet, and ice cream maker.

    23. Hot Yoga Towel - Non-slip, sweat absorption, aesthetics, washable and durable quality yoga towel that is perfect for any yogini. 

    24.  Caudalie Beauty Elixir Face Mist - Natural spray that is anti-microbial, brightens and visibly smooths skin, minimizes pores, and sets makeup. The perfect before and after workout spray. 

    25. Nutribullet - Effortlessly pulverizes fruits, vegetables, superfoods, protein shakes, green smoothies, seeds, and shakes.

    26. Click And Grow - The perfect gift for a friend who loves to grow their own food. From herbs to vegetables, Click And Grow is perfect for any one. 

    27. Instant Pot - Powered by a sophisticated micro-processor that monitors and adjusts pressure, temperature, time, and heat to cook food up to 70% faster than other methods and deliver consistent, delicious results every time.

    28. Essential Oil Diffuser - Handcrafted from porcelain, this diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to keep essential oils at their full integrity as their diffused into the air. 

    29. Kombucha Starter Kit - This kit has everything you need to start brewing your own kombucha at home.

    30. To-Go Market Bag - Classic netted option. Featuring woven carrying handles and durable netting, perfect for picking up fruit from the farmer’s market.

    gifts for vegans

    31. Vegan Snack Box - A collection of 20 individually wrapped Vegan snacks. Assortment includes a mix of delicious and nutritious vegan Easter treats, dairy free products and vegan snack bars with plenty of sweet and savory options to fit every taste bud.

    32. Milk Makeup - vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free set of mini-size Milk Makeup favorites.

    33. Tofu Press - Make tastier tofu (less water, and pick up more flavor) with this tofu press. 

    34. Vitamix Mix - Vitamix is more than just a blender. It can chop, puree, and even make soup. 

    35. Natural Deodorant Stick - This is the perfect gift for eco-conscious vegan friend or loved one. The packaging is made with zero waste 100% compostable material. 

    36. To-Go Ware Bamboo Travel Utensils - For eco-conscious vegan who is always on the go!

    37. Vegan AF Hat - Available in 8 different colors. 

    38. Skincare & Grooming for Men Beard Care Essentials Kit - Bulldog Beard products cover the full range of beard grooming; from cleaning and conditioning, to moisturizing and taming.

    39. Pacifica Beauty Hawaiian Ruby Guava Spray Perfume - Tropical scent with a blend of sweet, berry-like notes of guava with a bright, citrusy top note of pomelo and a warm and subtle coconut base.

    40. Party Like a Guac Star T-Shirt - This cute rocker tee is perfect for any avocado lover. 

    Jenny is a health-conscious, organic and natural lifestyle influencer with a Bachelor's degree in science. With years of experience working in food sciences with organic products and health & nutrition companies - she firmly believes that a natural lifestyle is healthier for you and better for the environment as well.

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