Garlicky And Cheesy Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts Recipe 

 Last Update March 6, 2024

By Jenny Zhang

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Prepare yourself for an epicurean journey that will ignite your taste buds and leave you yearning for more. Our recipe combines the irresistible trio of crispiness, garlicky goodness, and cheesy indulgence, all made effortlessly in your air fryer. These crispy air fryer brussels sprouts are not only delicious and easy to make but also a healthy and versatile side dish that pairs perfectly with any meal.

The air fryer has gained immense popularity in recent years due to its ability to mimic the results of deep frying while using little to no oil. By harnessing the power of circulating hot air, this appliance delivers a tantalizingly crisp texture, presenting a healthier option compared to conventional frying techniques. By harnessing the power of the air fryer, we can cook Brussels sprouts into an irresistible side dish that will captivate even the pickiest eaters.

In this post, we will share how to make crispy air fryer brussel sprouts. With just six ingredients, you can create a scrumptious dish of crispy, flavorful, and cheesy air fryer brussel sprouts that are both healthy and delicious. In just 15 minutes, you'll have a delectable plate of goodness to enjoy. Additionally, this recipe is vegan and gluten-free, making it suitable for those with dietary restrictions, and it may just become one of your favorite air fryer recipes and brussels sprouts recipes. 

Air Fryer Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Prep Time
5 minutes

Cook Time
10 minutes

Rest Time
0 minutes

Total Time
15 minutes

  • Cooking Method: Air Frying
  • Cuisine: American
  • Servings: 2
  • Calories: 154
  • Courses: Appetizer or Side Dish
  • Best Season: Any


  • 1 Pound Brussels Sprouts
  • 1 Tablespoon Avocado Oil
  • 1/2 Small Lemon
  • 1 Tablespoon Nutritional Yeast
  • 4-5 Cloves Of Fresh Garlic
  • 1/2 Teaspoon Garlic Powder
  • 1/4 Teaspoon Himalayan Salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon Ground Black Pepper
  • 1/4 teaspoon Paprika
  • Red chili pepper flakes (optional)


1. Allow your air fryer to preheat for a few minutes at 350°F.

2. Wash the Brussels sprouts thoroughly and remove any damaged outer leaves. Trim the ends of the sprouts and halve them.

3. Combine Brussels sprouts, avocado oil, salt, pepper, fresh garlic, ground garlic, and paprika in a medium to large bowl. Thoroughly toss the sprouts until they are evenly coated with the seasonings.

4. To prevent sticking, lightly coat the air fryer basket or tray with a spritz of olive oil.

5. Arrange the Brussels sprouts in a single, even layer within the air fryer basket or tray. Avoid overcrowding to ensure proper cooking and crispiness.

6. Air fry at 375 F for 10-12 minutes. Give your air fryer basket a good shake, or flip the sprouts halfway through for even cooking.

7. Once the Brussels sprouts achieve a delightful golden hue and reach a desirable level of crispiness, carefully take them out of the air fryer and transfer them to a serving dish. You don't want them to turn brown or dark brown. This is a sign you burnt them.

8. Transfer your cooked brussels sprouts to a plate and sprinkle some nutritional yeast or parmesan, red chili pepper flakes and a squeeze of lemon. 

Once your air fryer has cooled, don't forget to clean your air fryer, as this recipe will leave some residue behind.

Tips & Notes

Properly prep the Brussels sprouts: Prior to cutting them in half, it is essential to wash the Brussels sprouts diligently, ensuring they are thoroughly cleaned. Additionally, trim the ends of the sprouts for optimal preparation. Removing any damaged outer leaves will also improve the overall appearance of the dish.

Evenly coat the sprouts: When tossing the Brussels sprouts with the minced garlic, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper, ensure that they are coated evenly. By following these steps, you can guarantee a uniform distribution of flavors throughout the dish.

Don't overcrowd the air fryer: Place the Brussels sprouts in a single layer within the air fryer basket or tray, ensuring they are evenly arranged. If overcrowded, they may not cook evenly and won't become crispy. Consider cooking them in batches if needed.

Shake or flip halfway through cooking: Remember to shake or flip the Brussels sprouts halfway through the cooking process for uniform browning and a delightfully crisp texture. This will allow all sides to be exposed to the hot air.

Nutritional Facts

Nutrition Facts

Servings: 2



% Daily Value*

Total Fat 2.3g


Saturated Fat 0.5g


Cholesterol 0mg


Sodium 77mg


Total Carbohydrate 28.7g


Dietary Fiber 11.6g


Total Sugars 5.5g

Protein 12.6g

Vitamin D 0mcg


Calcium 95mg


Iron 4mg


Potassium 965mg


*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calorie a day is used for general nutrition advice.

What Ingredients You Will Need To Make This Recipe

Brussels sprouts

Brussels sprouts, resembling petite cabbage-like vegetables, boast a gentle and subtly nutty taste. Abundant in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, they serve as a nutritious complement to any meal.

Fresh garlic

Garlic adds a pungent and aromatic flavor to the Brussels sprouts. Renowned for its multitude of health benefits, this ingredient can elevate the dish's overall flavor profile. Mincing the garlic helps distribute the flavor evenly.

Garlic powder

Garlic powder, a versatile and convenient ingredient, imparts a robust garlic essence to the recipe, elevating its flavor profile. It can enhance the garlic taste without the texture of fresh garlic. Opting for it is an excellent choice when seeking to intensify the garlic flavor even further. If you are not a big fan of garlic, you can omit the garlic powder.


Derived from dried and ground red bell peppers or chili peppers, paprika infused dishes with its unique essence, boasting a subtly sweet and mildly smoky flavor. Its spiciness can vary from mild to hot, depending on the type of paprika employed.

Paprika also adds a vibrant red color to the Brussels sprouts, making them visually appealing. This can make the dish more enticing and appetizing.

Nutritional yeast

Nutritional yeast, a deactivated yeast often employed as a vegan cheese alternative, bestows a subtly cheesy and nutty taste, enriching the flavor profile of Brussels sprouts with a savory touch. Furthermore, nutritional yeast serves as a valuable source of vitamins and minerals.

If nutritional yeast is not available, you can omit it from the recipe. However, you might miss out on the cheesy and nutty flavor it adds. Alternatively, you can try using grated Parmesan cheese or a vegan cheese substitute for a different flavor profile.

Salt and pepper

Salt and pepper, the ubiquitous seasonings, are frequently employed to elevate the overall flavor profile of Brussels sprouts. They add a balanced level of seasoning and can be adjusted according to personal preference.

Olive oil spray

A light coating of olive oil spray is applied to the air fryer basket or tray to prevent the Brussels sprouts from sticking. It also helps promote crispiness during cooking. Alternatively, you can use regular olive oil and brush it onto the sprouts.

Lemon juice

Adding lemon to the air fryer Brussels sprouts can bring a bright and tangy flavor to the dish. Squeezing fresh lemon juice over the Brussels sprouts after cooking can add a refreshing citrus flavor. The tangy acidity of lemon juice serves to harmonize the richness of flavors while introducing a zesty dimension to the dish.

Avocado Oil

Recognized for its impressive smoke point, avocado oil is an ideal choice for high-temperature cooking methods such as air frying. It boasts heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and serves as a noteworthy source of vitamin E, renowned for its antioxidant properties.

How To Elevate This Recipe

Incorporate herbs

Sprinkle chopped fresh herbs such as parsley, basil, or chives over the finished dish. This will add freshness and an extra layer of flavor.

Toasted nuts or seeds

Toasted sliced almonds, pine nuts, or pumpkin seeds can provide a delightful crunch and nutty flavor. Sprinkle them over the Brussels sprouts just before serving.

Balsamic glaze drizzle

You can make balsamic glazing using balsamic vinegar and sugar. Elevate the flavor profile of the cooked Brussels sprouts by delicately drizzling a tangy balsamic glaze, infusing the dish with layers of depth and a touch of natural sweetness. This complements the savory flavors and adds a touch of elegance.

Crispy bacon or pancetta

You can crisp up some bacon or pancetta separately for non-vegan variations and sprinkle the crumbled pieces over the Brussels sprouts. The salty and smoky flavors will enhance the dish.

Sweet and spicy glaze

Create a glaze using ingredients like maple syrup, sriracha, soy sauce, and a touch of garlic. Toss the cooked Brussels sprouts in the glaze before serving to add a sweet and spicy element.

Pomegranate arils

Add a pop of color and bursts of sweetness by sprinkling some fresh pomegranate arils over the finished Brussels sprouts. They will provide a pleasant contrast to the savory flavors.

air fryer brussel sprouts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I use frozen Brussels sprouts?

Yes, you can use frozen Brussels sprouts in the air fryer. However, it's important to note that frozen Brussels sprouts may necessitate slightly lengthier cooking durations. It's best to thaw and pat them dry before seasoning and air frying for better results.

How do I prevent the Brussels sprouts from becoming soggy?

To avoid any potential sogginess, ensure to thoroughly pat dry the Brussels sprouts before seasoning and cooking. Excessive moisture can impede the attainment of a desirable crispy texture. Additionally, avoid overcrowding the air fryer basket or tray, as it can trap steam and hinder crispiness. Cook in batches if necessary.

How do I achieve crispy Brussels sprouts?

To achieve crispy Brussels sprouts, make sure they are evenly coated with oil or oil spray. For optimal airflow and even browning, arrange the Brussels sprouts in a single layer within the air fryer basket or tray. Remember to shake or flip them halfway through the cooking process to guarantee uniformity in browning. Cooking them at a high temperature for an adequate amount of time will help achieve the desired crispiness.

How do I prevent the Brussels sprouts from sticking to the air fryer basket or tray?

To mitigate the risk of sticking, consider applying a light coating of olive oil or alternative oil to the air fryer basket or tray.

How to make this recipe without an air fryer

Even without an air fryer, you can still prepare these delectable Brussels sprouts using alternative cooking methods. However, you do need an oven. You can make roasted brussels sprouts at 425°F. Roasting the Brussels sprouts in the oven will give them a delicious caramelized flavor and slightly crispy texture. While it may not be exactly the same as using an air fryer, it's still a great alternative that yields tasty results.

Jenny passionately advocates a holistic and natural approach to health and well-being. She has a Bachelor of Science degree and years of working in food sciences, specializing in organic & natural products. She is committed to helping others embrace a balanced, natural lifestyle that fosters well-being. Jenny believes that a harmonious balance between nutrition, fitness, and mindfulness is the key to unlocking the full potential of one’s well-being.