Fun facts of the week: Mango

Fun facts of the week: mango



  • mangos were first grown in India over 5000 years ago
  • mango seeds traveled with humans from Asia to the Middle East, East Africa and South America beginning around 300-400A.D
  • a mango tree can grow as tall as 100 feet
  • the bark, leaves, skin, and pit of the mango have been used in folk remedies
  • one cup serving of mango is 100 calories
  • in many Latin American countries, mango on a stick with the skin peeled back is sold by street vendors
  • mango can be enjoy served with salt, lime juice or chili powder for a unique flavor experience
  • most of the mango sold in the U.S. include Tommy Atkins, Haden, Kent, Keith, Ataulfo, and Francis.
  • Ripe mangoes are often used as an ingredient in curries.
  • mangoes have all the vitamins C you need
  • Mangoes are available all year round