Cold brew coffee

What is the main difference between cold brew and ice coffee?

The main difference is the temperature. The word “cold” and “ice” sound pretty good during the summertime and we generally don’t look into the specifics of what that means (in this case the exact temperature). Cold brew is brewed cold and is never put through any type of heat process, while iced coffee is heat-brewed coffee that’s then cooled down with ice cubes.

Benefits of cold brewed coffee over iced coffee:

  • Lower acidity level: Brewing at lower temperature results in lower acidity. It is around 65 to 70 percent less acidic than hot drip coffee or espresso, per part.
  • Not watered down: No more pouring hot coffee over ice and drink that diluted coffee.
  • Better taste: A roasted coffee bean contains many compounds that are extracted during the heat brewing process. Some of those compounds are soluble only at high temperature. During the cold brew process, the coffee beans are never exposed to high temperature, therefore, it will only extract the delicious flavor compounds.
  • More or less caffeine: every article seems to vary about whether cold brew contains more caffeine or not. The question really becomes how much coffee are we using relative to water? Since cold brew generally uses more coffee than conventional hot methods, therefore, it generally does contain more caffeine. In addition, because cold brew uses more beans, it is pricier than your conventional coffee.

How to make your own cold brew at home?

Making cold brew at home is easy – it only requires patience.


1/2 cup medium coarse grind coffee

1 1/2 cup of water

Coffee filter


  1. In a jar, mix coffee and 1 1/2 cup of cold water. Cover and let it sit at room temperature overnight or for 12 hours.
  2. Strain twice through coffee filters.

Caution: Avoid fine grind beans, as it can “over extract”

Cold Brew Essentials

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