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Cucumber salad is a classic summer staple dish. It is light, it is refreshing, and it's the perfect dish to have for picnics, pot luck, or summer grilling. In my household, a fun and delicious snake cucumber salad is a must-have dish for the summer. It is also my favorite summer cucumber salad because it is easy to make, and for this recipe, you only need five ingredients. This cucumber salad is also the perfect entertainment for your family and friends, especially your kids! It is usually the talk of the party. I mean, who doesn't want a little fun surprise at the summer grill table.

I know the dish name sounds kind of scary... snake?! Yikes... But the good news is that there is no real snake involved in making this salad. This salad is vegan and gluten-free friendly.

Now, let's talk about this salad. It is refreshing, crisp, and with a little heat. The sauce is light, yet it has a distinct sour flavor with a hint of sweetness, enhanced by the strong aroma of red chili pepper. If you can't handle the heat, that's okay. You can replace the red chili pepper with garlic.

Snake cucumber salad (Vegan, gluten free)

Prep Time 10 Minutes
Cook Time

Serving Size


2 Organic European cucumber (Recommend long and straight)
1 Fresh Organic fresh red pepper
1/4 Cup
Balsamic vinegar/ Black Vinegar
4 Organic goji berry (for the eyes)

1 Tablespoon Water
1 Teaspoon
Himalayan salt
*2 Teaspoon Sugar ( I Recommend cane sugar or coconut sugar) Only if you use Black vinegar


  1. Spiral cut the cucumber with a knife or get a spiralizer (I prefer spiral cut with a knife because spiralizer will have a thinner cut and can break easily).
  2. Sprinkle some salt on top of the cucumber (a small pinch and try to sprinkle it evenly).
  3. In a tray or container, place the spiral cucumber-like shape of a snake.
  4. In a small bowl, mixed balsamic vinegar with water. If you use black vinegar, add about 2 teaspoon of sugar (based on personal preference ). Add 1-2 fresh red pepper. 
  5. Pour the vinegar on top of the cucumber. If half of the snake is not in the vinegar, pour some extra vinegar until the snake is covered halfway.
  6. Place goji berry at the face.
  7. Refrigerate the salad for at least 20-30 mins and then serve cold! (Recommend serving it cold). 


Yield: 2 Snakes Serving size: 1

Amount per serving: Calories: 216 calories. Total Fat: 1g, Saturated Fat 0.2g. Cholesterol: 0mg. Sodium: 410mg. Total Carbohydrate: . Dietary fiber: 4.6g. Total Sugar: 34g. Protein: 5.4g.

**The information shown is an estimate provided by an online nutrition calculator. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.**

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